New 8m workboat – SEAHUNTER

Now with foamfender!

The organisation

Contact us now! is a partnership between KD Workboats and Post Workboats. These companies each have over thirty years of experience in the maritime industry. specialises in the development and production of fully equipped vessels for rescue and salvage companies, the offshore and the seismic industry and other nautical sectors.

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Based on the Tornado 8.5m

Wel proven hull design!

Highly manoeuvrable, extremely fast and excellent handling characteristics.


instead of an air-filled tube!

Based on a foam core

Even when you hit something sharp, you never lose buoyancy under any circumstances!


5 mm marine grade aluminium

Optimal strength

The aluminium Seahunter combines the advantages of both the Tornado and of an aluminium vessel.


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Possible options

A ballistic fender, which is bullet proof, or that can withstand heat up to 200°C


The Seahunter design is based on the Tornado 8.50. The RIB is highly manoeuvrable, extremely fast and has excellent handling characteristics. The aluminium Seahunter combines the advantages of both the Tornado and of an aluminium vessel.

Foam Fender

The fender is made by Fender Innovations in Holland and is one off the best of the world. This company supplies this product and manufactures it from one piece. It is based on a foam core with a closed-cell structure. This material does not take up water so that the buoyancy remains intact under all circumstances. The foam core is wrapped with a reinforced technical fabric, which is in turn coated with a layer of special polymer. The structure is extremely light and strong.

Possible options include:

  • a ballistic fender up to NIJ4 class, which is bullet proof
  • specially impregnated fenders that can withstand heat up to 200°C and are used for fire fighting vessels
  • the damping characteristics can be set up exactly as desired and of course it is also possible to combine different damping characteristics into one fender


The hull is made of 5 mm marine grade aluminium. To achieve optimal strength, this is welded in full to produce an extremely strong vessel. In contrast to a RIB (rigid inflatable boat), the Seahunter has a special D-fender instead of an air-filled tube.

An air-filled tube can leak in certain circumstances, while the special fender we use will never lose buoyancy under any circumstances. This is currently the best fender that is available anywhere in the world.’

Custom made

The Seahunter is available in a fully-equipped standard model, but can also be fully customised, for example with a dive door in the side, an adapted number of seats and more or less storage or work space.

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Easy to transport and perfect handling characteristics

The dimensions of the boat, 8 by 2.30 metres, were chosen so that the Seahunter can be transported in a shipping container. ‘This is particularly important for organisations in the oil and offshore industry that operate globally,’ says Van Veen, owner of KD Workboats. ‘You can easily put the containers on a ship for transport. But the Seahunter can also be transported very well on a trailer. This makes the Seahunter excellent for use as a rescue or salvage vessel.’ The handling behaviour is also very important for this. ‘The water effectively flows off the hull, keeping the boat dry even at top speed and with two and a halve foot waves. And if water does get into the vessel, it is absolutely no problem because the cockpit is completely self-bailing. The deck is treated with the same material that is used to finish the fender. Therefore, water, oil or lubricants will never cause slippery surfaces.’

The standard Seahunter model is 8 m long with a 200 hp motor, available from €99,000 plus VAT.

Technical specifications

  • Length: 8.00 metres
  • Beam: 2.30 metres
  • Draught: 1.00 metre/0.50 metre trimmed up
  • Maximum speed: 100 kilometres per hour
  • Operational range: 500 kilometres
  • Weight: 1,100 kg
  • Motors: max. 300 hp engine power
  • Hull: 5 mm marine grade aluminium
  • Fender: Special D-fender (non air-filled tube)
  • Passenger capacity: 9 people
  • Self emptying tub
  • Recycable and sustainable

Available in a fully-equipped standard model with 3 options:

  • Outboard drive
  • Diesel inboard stern drive
  • Diesel inboard waterjet

Soon also deliverable with diesel outboard drive.

 Also available fully customised

For example with a dive door in the side, an adapted number of seats and more or less storage or work space.

  • Can be transported in a shipping container
  • Standard CE-B certificate
  • SOLAS requirements optional